martedì 11 gennaio 2011

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of - ebook available on appStore

A free ebook explains why Berlusconi does not lose votes in spite of sex scandals media frenzy. 

The essay approaches the issue from a communication perspective and it overcomes the conventional distinction among disciplines, taking into account the findings of different traditions: from Media Studies to Philosophy, from Sociology to Film Studies. 

The solution lies in a double parallelism. What do Berlusconi and Zidane have in common? And what do Humphrey Bogart and Berlusconi? 

The author. Gianluca Giansante, is an Italian researcher, communication consultant and journalist. 

He has written several academic works on political communication and contributes to the Italian newspaper Il Riformista.

Berlusconi's sex scandals on iphone

iPunchLine - available for iPhone and iPad

iPunchline is the comedian swiss knife with all the essential sound to entertain your public !

Funny sound effects like drumroll, sad trombone, applauses and laughts. A must have !!!