giovedì 14 aprile 2011

TwinsMatcher - free game for iPhone

Twins Matcher

TwinsMatcher is a fun and addictive board game.
Download it now, it's free for a limited time!
You'll enjoy the experience of a simple, fun, relaxing game you can
play anytime you like.

You have a board full of icons and a limited amount of time to clear
it by finding all the twin icons.
Select one icon by touching it, then touch its twin: if the twins are
adjacent or if there is a route free of icons between
them, they'll disappear and you'll earn points.
The longer the path, to more points you'll get.

If you're in trouble, shake your device! All icons on the board will
shuffle... looks too simple for you? Then try to win against the
impossible level! You'll have to be quick, you only have 250 seconds
to empty the board...

Wanna try?

Easy, simple and fun!
Download it now!
It will be free for 3 weeks only. Don't miss your chance to play with
TwinsMatcher for free!